Best Face Care Services in Abu Dhabi

Best Facial, Makeup, & Eyelash Extension Eyebrow Lamination services

When it comes to face care, we do it all: Facials, makeup, eyelash extensions and eyebrows treatments. We believe, that one’s face is the gateway for one’s soul. Hence, it’s only essential to keep that gateway properly taken care of and well-polished.

We start your face care journey with a carefully selected range of facials. Whether you select the 1 hour or ½ hour facial, all our facial treatments start with a thorough face mapping to address all your concerns and areas requiring attention. After your service is done, we promise that your skin is happy and feels rejuvenated with a glow no one can miss.

For makeup, we are your squad! Seeking to look fab on your wedding day, or needing a quick touchup for your big CEO’s meeting: we have the means and talent to translate the look in your head into reality. All we ask you to do is to kick back, close your eyes and relax. The end result will not leave you disappointed.

To crown your beauty, we offer high quality semi-permanent eyelash extension services & eyebrow lamination as well! You can trust that after your done, you will have longer thicker and more luscious looking lashes & straighter more manageable looking eyebrows.

The face is the jewel of our beauty. With the right care and proper techniques, your face can look flawless giving you the confidence that you need to face the world.

for whether it’s a daily makeup look, special event makeup, or bridal makeup. We believe that makeup is a very powerful confidence booster that our makeup artists can manipulate to our client’s favour. We only use the best brands and our talented hands to make our client’s vision a reality.

We also have eyelash extension services aiming to embellish your eyes and deepens your look, taking your beauty to the next level. With continuous training, our beauticians are experts in giving you the lashes of your dreams whether for a certain event or as a beauty routine. We also offer beauty packages that makes the maintenance of your eyelash extension a breeze!



Polish Signature Makeup

250 AED

Engagement & Special Occasions Polish Makeup

750 AED

Bridal Polish Makeup

1500 AED

Eyelash Extensions

Volume Full Set Long Lasting Lashes

300 AED

Hybrid Full Set Long Lasting Lashes

250 AED

Classic Full Set Long Lasting Lashes

200 AED

Removal Full Set

80 AED


Pro Skin 60

400 AED

Pro Skin 30

250 AED

Eyelash Lifting & Eyebrow Lamination

Eyelash Lifting

250 AED

Eyebrow lamination

200 AED