Best Hair Salon in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a hair salon that can give you a glamorous updo, change your hair color to the latest hair color trend, or customize a nourishing hair treatment just for you? If yes, then head to the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi.

At Polish, we offer a comprehensive line of hair care services and treatments to make sure that all your hair needs are met.

Whether it’s hair color, highlights, hair styling or hair treatments, we pledge to only use the best brands & latest techniques guaranteed to deliver undoubted results while attending to your every hair need.


Best Hair Salon Abu Dhabi


Prior to your hair color transformation process, we will guide you on the hair color that matches your skin, your eyes and life style.

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hair styling abu dhabi


Looking for a glamorous up do or simple hairstyle with a maximum wow factor? Polish Glam Squad equipped with the best styling.

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Hair Treatment service in Abu Dhabi


we have created customized hair treatment packages just for you that promises to tackle all your hair.

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No, this is a myth. It actually doesn’t. While hair coloring might lead to more vulnerable to breakage hair, it does not encourage or lead to premature greying or white hair.

There are simple ways that you can do to ensure your hair stays healthy. Some of these ways are: wash your hair regular to ensure your hair is free from residues and dirt (generally twice a week). Use shampoos free from bad chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Apply conditioner only to the tip of the hair not the scalp to avoid blocking
your pores. Never go to bed while your hair is still wet as this might lead to breakage. Use hair oils and masks with proper massaging to improve blood circulation, boost shine and nourishment.

To start with, healthy hair corresponds to healthy diet: you should ensure that you are giving your body its right intake of necessary nutrients (Omega 3) and vitamins (Vitamin C, D and E) and avoid restrictive dieting. Also, scalp massages have proved to improve blood circulation thus boosting the hair strength and shine. Using hair masks and trusted treatments help protecting the hair thus encouraging its growth. Moreover, try and control/ minimize the number of times you use blow dryers and curling irons as that might cause breakage.

The main cause of dandruff is too much oils residues on your scalp along with overgrowth of a certain yeast called Malassezie that is already on your skin. That excess oil can lead to skin build up which shed in the form of falling flakes.