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Hair Color Salon Abu Dhabi


For the past 10 years, we have established our name as the “go to” hair color salon in Abu Dhabi. With many years of experience under their sleeves, our professional well-trained hair technicians are capable of delivering the hair color of your dreams while preserving the health and shine of your hair.

Our understanding for the particular needs of the Arabic women in the region, aided by using only internationally renowned brands and latest coloring techniques, entitle our hair color services to be a pleasant must try!

Prior to your hair color transformation process, we will guide you on the hair color that matches your skin, your eyes and life style.

Whether it’s a full hair color, highlights, balayage, touch up roots or crazy fashion colors: we only use the best & latest L’Oreal Professional and Schwarzkopf Hair dyes for our clients.

We commence every hair color service with a thorough consultation so the client feels confident about her color choice. The superior quality of the end process should be the same whether it’s your first time or your hair has been colored multiple times. Our clients should feel that they’ve done an educated decision before committing to a new hair color as our beauticians guide their decision with a quick test done on one strand of their hair to see how far it responds to change. We always recommend a hair color treatment done during the process to maintain our clients’ hair health and shine.

Full Hair Color Services starting from 250 AED+


Full Hair Color

S : 300 | M : 400 | L : 500 | XL : 600 (AED)


S : 400 | M : 550 | L : 700 | XL : 950 (AED)

Full Hair Color without Amonia

S : 400 | M : 500 | L : 600 | XL : 750 (AED)


S : 700 | M : 950 | L : 1200 | XL :1400 (AED)

Crazy Full Hair Color

S : 395 | M : 525 | L : 630 | XL : 840 (AED)

Roots Color

175 AED

Roots Color without Amonia

250 AED


If done properly, coloring your hair by a professional will not damage it. In general, hair damage can be caused as a result of coloring by two main things: First, using the wrong level of hydrogen peroxide (developer). Hair developer is used to open the hair cuticles in order to allow for the color molecules to penetrate the cortex. If the wrong level ofhair peroxide is used, it can result in weakening the hair and breaking it with the continuous oxidization process happening with the open hair cuticle. Second, hair coloring can cause damage to your hair if you are constantly changing your hair color and over processing it without using the proper after color hair treatments that will greatly help to nurture the hair and support it to regain its strength and shine.

It is our recommendation to wait for at least 72 hours before shampooing your hair
after you’ve done a hair color service. This will allow the hair cuticle to fully close and
trap the color molecule allowing for your hair color to last longer.

Yes, hair color will cover your grey hair depending on the hair color brand, the hair color mix used, and the nature of the hair itself. For instance, certain color mixes with numbers 8, 9 or 10 will not cover the grey hair 100% for certain hair types. We highly recommend to consult your trusted hair beautician to ensure not to over process the hair trying to cover the grey causing hair damage.

Yes you can get hair color and highlights at the same day. It is critical though to ensure that your hair is in good condition before doing so. Prior to any highlights service, it is our recommendation to get hair treatments for 2-3 months in advance to ensure that your hair fossil is well protected and have enough nutrition to stand against the bleaching procedure.

Bleaching is required to go from dark to lighter hair shades. Bleaching (peroxide) is used to remove the pigment of the hair; the hair cuticle lifts allowing the new hair color to be absorbed.

No. Hair keratin or blowout causes the hair to go lighter by 1-2 shades. It is our
recommendation to do hair keratin first, then wait for 2 weeks before coloring your hair with an “Amonia-Free” hair color brand.