We work hard on selecting the best and latest hands and feet treatments including callus removal, skin smoothing and hydration, and ingrown removal. Each of these treatments are tailored to carefully fit each client specific need.

The quality of our service and our customers’ satisfaction are our top priority, therefore, our technicians are continuously trained to glamorously treat our clients’ tips with care. As one of the best nail care salon in Abu Dhabi, our nail specialists will work on your tips looking trendy and flawless while you are comfortably enjoying your pamper time with us.

Best Nail Salon in Abu Dhabi

We at Polish aspire to be the best nails salon & spa in Abu Dhabi by offering a wide range of nails care services following the best professional practices.

Our nails spa area is a heaven of comfort! Each of our manicure and pedicure kits are sanitized before every use following a strict hygiene and safety standards. Our vast nails care services includes Classic manicure and pedicures, French manicure & pedicure, Gel manicure pedicure, Signature hands and feet spa treatments, & Acrylic/ gel nail extension services. All of our regular polishes are complementary with our classic manicure pedicure services.

With more than two hundred colors to choose from, we carefully select the best-selling polish brands to offer to our clients like OPI, Essie, CND, LCN, Morgan Taylor, Shellac and Gelish. We also offer a huge range of fabulous nail art designs. All our nails care services have the add-on option for 10 or 20 minutes hands, feet, neck, scalp massage for a better full rejuvenating relaxing experience.

Hand Design


Manicure Service in Abu Dhabi


our Classic manicure service is immaculate. Starts with hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, refreshing scrub

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Pedicure in Abu Dhabi


With all the hustle and bustle of daily life activities, by the end of the day, most of us would end up with tired & soaring fee

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nail extension abu dhabi


Whether a busy woman, a nail-biter or one with naturally weak nails: Brittle, chipped and short nails are every woman’s nightmare

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Classic Manicure

Regular: 70 AED / Gel: 115 AED

Classic Pedicure

Regular: 80 AED / Gel: 125 AED

French Manicure

Regular: 80 AED / Gel: 125 AED

French Pedicure

Regular: 90 AED / Gel: 135 AED

Polish Application Hands/ Feet

Regular: 20 AED / Gel: 55 AED

Polish Removal Hands/ Feet

Regular: 10 AED / Gel: 40 AED

Quick Manicure Hands/ Feet

Regular: 50 AED / Gel: 95 AED


Callus Off

75 AED

Nail Ingrown Removal

30 AED

Fast Dry

10 AED

Hands/ Feet Massage (10 minutes)

35 AED

Hands & Feet Special Treatment

Hands Dip Paraffin Treatment

55 AED

Feet Dip Paraffin Treatment

65 AED

Polish Signature Hands Treatment

130 AED

Polish Signature Feet Treatment

150 AED


At Polish, we use a specific kind of material that is safe on the nails and is much more efficient in removing the gel polish. This material does not harm the nail bed as it doesn’t require buffing. It also removes the gel polish in a much less time than the standard way of removing gel by soaking the nail with acetone.

If done properly, acrylics should not damage your natural nails.  However, the damage might happen if the acrylics are done on a regular basis not allowing the nails to breathe. We strongly advise not to forcefully remove the acrylics by trying to pull them out the nails.  This will cause the nail bed to tear causing a a lot of damage to the natural nail

You can allow your nails to grow faster by:

  • Eat a balanced diet full of nutrients like zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and Biotin
  • Stop pushing, picking and biting your cuticles and nails
  • Getting regular manicures
  • Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers as it pulls natural oil from your nails and damages the nail keratin protein
  • Moisturize using creams that will lock in moisture, preserve the cuticle seal and strengthen the nail itself

Peeling nails can be the result of too little or too much moisture. So many of us are guilty for using our nails as tool so we don’t really take care of how we handle them.  Too little moisture can be caused by repeatedly getting the nails wet and then drying them. Too much moisture, sheer soaking in water while performing things like household chores makes the nails soft and possibly causes peeling or sloughing of the nail.


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