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Get the Best Nails Extensions in Abu Dhabi. Overlay, Repair, Refils and more. Visit us Today!.

Whether a busy woman, a nail-biter or one with naturally weak nails: Brittle, chipped and short nails are every woman’s nightmare. Polish Nails Care and More Salon’s professional technicians are fully qualified to usher that nightmare away.

With a good cup of coffee, relaxing music and FREE WIFI, the process of crafting the nails of your dreams become very enjoyable. Whether it’s repair, refill, or remove, at Polish, the best nail extension service in Abu Dhabi, you’ll get a set of strong and long-lasting tips carefully created with acrylic or gel extension that will look and feel so natural.

The process to the best nail extension will start with a consultation with one of our nail technicians to advise you on the best solution that will best suit your nails and lifestyle. Our nail extension services include gel and acrylic extensions, whether new full set or natural overlays. We also offer acrylic/gel refill, acrylic and gel extension removals.

We use the award-winning CND Acrylic nails, Orly Gel Builder, and Soft Gel

Acrylic/ Gel Extension Services starting from 245 AED+


Nails Extensions & Overlays

Acrylic Full Set

250 AED

Natural Overlay

205 AED

Acrylic Refill

200 AED

Acrylic Removal

100 AED

Soft Gel

250 AED

Poly Gel

250 AED


The duration to fix nail extensions varies between 2 hours to 3 hours depending on the length of the extension required, the status of the original nail and whether it requires cleaning prior to applying the nail extensions.  However, Acrylic nail extensions tend to require more time than the soft gel nail extensions

Nail extensions are supposed to last from 2 to 5 weeks depending on one’s life style.  However, to maintain the perfect look, refills are required once the nails start to grow (in 2 weeks times)

No, if done properly, nail extensions are not supposed to ruin your nails.  In fact, they might help your natural nails grow longer and stronger.  However, if the application for nail extensions wasn’t done properly, it might harm your nail bed causing your nails to brittle.  Also, one of the most harmful things clients might do to their nails is when they start pulling off the extensions to remove it without doing it professionally.  This again can seriously harm the nail bed causing it to peel and that might take a long time to heal.

Gel extensions and acrylic nails are quite similar in the final result but the application of each differs.  Acrylic involves the application of monomer liquid and polymer

powder then it is left to dry naturally with air. Gel extensions are done using hard gel or structure gel, cured by using a UV or LED light. Gel extensions might give your nails a more natural look as they can be more flexible and thinner.

  • Treat your nails gently: Avoid using your nails to open cans or lift things
  • Use the pad of your nails when typing, not the tips
  • Wear gloves whenever you are exposing your nails to water, cleaning chemicals or detergents.
  • Avoid picking the corners of your nails
  • Use cuticle oil, shea butter, vitamin E, hand creams to keep your hands well moisturized and nails quite nurtured.
  • choose the right nail shape that best suit your life style!